Friday, April 21, 2006

Placer County home sales

While down the hill in Rocklin the other day, I stopped by the Placer County Board of Realtor’s office to pick up a copy of their March sales report. Here are some highlights of the real estate market for the month.

The average sales price is up a scant 5.5 percent from last year at $546,000. The number of monthly sales however, dropped 23 percent from 505 in March of 2005 to 389 in March of 2006. The total monthly dollar volume is also down 20 percent from what is last year.

Listings in Placer County, just as everywhere else in the region have increased dramatically. In March of 2005 there were 941 homes with a “For Sale” sign on them. In March of 2004 there were 681. This last month 2,210 homes were on the market for a 135% increase. It was the highest number of county homes ever for sale.

The area with the most amounts of “For Sale” signs was Roseville. Last year at this time Roseville had 234 homes for sale. This year during the same time there is 684 with an average price tag of $535,000. Granite Bay has the county’s most expensive homes on the market. Last year the area had 43 monthly sales with an average price of $1.1 million. This last month the average price was $878,000 on 37 sales.

The number of monthly sales declined in Auburn and Newcastle where there were 34 down from 50 but the average price climbed from $545,000 to $574,000. Lincoln had 113 sales. It was an increase from 87 last years with an increase in price from $457,500 to $511,000. Rocklin reported half as many sales as they did in 2005 with only 45 for the month but a price hike from $496,000 to $565,000. Foresthill had the smallest number of sales at 7, which was actually higher than last year same month but the average price declined from $481,500 down to $415,000.

What continues to amaze me is how so many real estate agents can be chasing so few deals. There are 2,800 active Realtors members in Placer County. With only 389 sale closings there are a few agents with a lot of free time.

Have a nice weekend. I have a little free time myself and will be working around the house on Saturday and then previewing acreage on Sunday.


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