Thursday, October 12, 2006

200 mile day

From my home office in Pilot Hill to Pollock Pines in about an hour trip so I left at 8 o’clock to be at the Home Inspection at 9. At 11 I was with clients for a loan application in Placerville and then back to my office by 1 to return some phone calls and draft a counter-offer on a listing in Camino.

The traffic was backed-up as early as 3:30 for my second trip from Pilot Hill through Placerville on my way to Camino. I needed to review the proposed offer and counter offer with my client, get it signed and then to the other agent. By 5, I was stuck in traffic again in Placerville on my way to Cameron Park. I needed to deliver the counter and meet personally with the cooperating agent to explain the details. Back in Pilot Hill after six, I spent the next two hours returning phone calls, e-mails and shuffling papers.

At the end of the long 200-mile day I am reminded of the parable of the life of a gazelle (small swift antelope). Each morning on the planes of South Africa the gazelle awakes and knows that in order to survive he must be able to out-run the fastest lion. And each morning when the lion also awakes he knows that in order to survive he must out-run the fastest gazelle. You see it doesn’t matter whether you’re a gazelle or a lion when you wake up you had better start running.


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