Friday, August 03, 2007

What's your number?

Since Noah started counting animals 2 by 2, mankind has been assigning numerical rankings to everything. Is the world more orderly if we all have an assigned ranking? Do you know your number?

My number was yelled out each month while attending private high school. Our commandant would call the entire student body into Sherman Hall and read everyone’s report card ranking from top to bottom. Everyone knew where they and everyone else placed in academic achievement. From the podium Col. Jones would yell out ”NUMBER ONE WITH A 4.0 MONTHLY AVERAGE… EVERETT, NUMBER TWO WITH A 3.95 AVERAGE. JENKINS, ..NUMBER THREE WITH A 3.90 AVERAGE SCOTT” and on it went until every student’s name and academic rankings echoed from those hollowed walls.

Money magazine likes to publish lists and the rankings of things. The June addition released its annual ranking of the 100 “Best Places to Live.” The top three cities I have never visited like Middleton Wis., Hanover, N.H. and Louisville, Colo. But I have spent some time in the number 74, Granite Bay, and number 76, El Dorado Hills. The Sacramento Bee published the results with the headline “Capital cities rank near bottom.” While the Auburn Journal ran the headline “Granite Bay earns spot in Top 100 list” The Journal’s article goes on to read “Granite Bay is in the top three-quarters of the vaunted rankings. I can appreciate being in the top three quarters.


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