Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Placer County ranks high for jobs

Most strong housing markets are the result of a strong jobs market. The unemployed typically don’t buy homes. There are some exceptions to this rule as more boomers retire to senior and or resort communities. A good sign that a strong housing market will continue in Placer County is the report released last week showing nearly full employment in Placer County.
If you live in Placer County and don’t have a job, it’s probably because you’re not looking hard enough. The Employment Development Department ranked Placer as the third lowest county in the state for unemployment. In their most recent numbers there were 160,000 employed and only 6,500 unemployed for a 4.0 percent unemployment rates.
Job growth continues. Placer reported a 4.2 percent job growth in 2005. In 2004 the county was ranked as the best in California for adding people to a payroll. Placer currently ranks number 5 in the state for job creation behind Napa, Marin, Orange and San Luis Obispo counties.
Enjoy the sunshine.


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