Friday, April 28, 2006

Free Land and Cheep Homes"

One good reason to have a “friend in the foothills” who just happens to practice real estate and loans is to keep you informed when a really good real estate deal comes along. I read about one this morning over coffee and cookies.

For those looking for free stuff, I found a half-acre, level lot with all utilities ready for building. As a matter of fact, I found several where construction cost to build a 1,400 square foot 3-bedroom 2-bath home is under $100,000 including permits.

Several small towns (populations under 1,000) in the Great Plains states are attempting to repopulate themselves by giving away free land to families who are willing to build a home and live there. Towns like: Marquette, Kansas, Hendrum Minn., Chugwater, Wyo. Crosby, N.D. and Herndon, Nebraska are not only giving land away for free but cash bonuses if you have school age children to enroll in district schools.

So are folks from trendy California actually moving to small rural communities in the mid-west? Yep, and finding jobs or commuting to employment centers. More information on this mid-western relocation program can be found at, or The towns welcome visitors. If you decide to take advantage of this free land offer and move to Plainville I will be able to help you with the sale of your existing California home.

Enjoy your weekend.


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