Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Best Place to Live in California

I don’t have a lot of faith in surveys, opinion polls or someone’s subjective ranking of things. I read them like some read the newspaper comics but I tend to be skeptical of their findings. It was interesting to note however, that CNN Money Magazine recently published their findings on the country’s “Best Places To Live” and Folsom ranked number one in California and number 34 in the nation. I like Folsom and have helped many folks buy homes in the community of 65,000 but I am not sure it is the best city in all of California to live. I was in Folsom yesterday and it was 105 degrees. I wonder if the people living there yesterday were thinking it was the best place to live? If they were to have a choice of Folsom or Santa Barbara which do you think they would have picked?

Folsom does have a famous prison (Folsom) a famous employer (Intel) and a large (but not so famous) lake (Folsom Lake). Visiting Costco or the Factory Outlet Mall in Folsom, is more fun than visiting Folsom Prison.

I do think that Folsom is one of the best cities in Sacramento County to live. Most people who have a choice (unlimited financial resources) would pick Folsom over Del Paso Heights or Antelope. People don’t move from Folsom to other cities in Sacramento County. They do move to El Dorado Hills and to Rocklin and Granite Bay but they don’t move to Citrus Heights or Fair Oaks.

In order to live in Folsom you must own a yacht or a large recreational vehicle, in which you use to escape from the “Best Place To Live In California” every weekend. I know this because I see them at every home I show. Some developments in Folsom will not allow personalized water crafts to be parked on the street, so the well educated home and yacht owners park their trucks on the street and their yachts in the garage.

Another requirement of living in Folsom is that you must have a second mortgage or home equity line of credit. This is required in order to pay for your yacht, pool, or granite counter tops. All the homes in Folsom have been built within the past 5 years but none came with granite counter tops. Remodeling, is another requirement in Folsom on all homes built after 2004. According to another survey published by Remodelers Magazine, Folsom is leading the nation of favorite places to live for Home Remodeling Contractors. Every third person living in Folsom is a contractor. The other two either work for Intel or are real estate agents. No wonder Money Magazine rakes Folsom as the “Best Place To Live In All Of California.

More fun stuff:
A man and his ever-nagging wife went on vacation to Jerusalem. While they were there, the wife passed away. The undertaker told the husband
"You can have her shipped home for $5,000,or you can bury her here, in the Holy Land, for $150."
The man thought about it and told him he would have her shipped home. The undertaker asked, "Why would you spend $5,000 to ship your wife home, when it would be wonderful to be buried here and you would spend only $150?"
The man replied, "Long ago a man died here and was buried here but three days later he rose from the dead. I just can't take that chance."


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